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Walk-in Wardrobe Hacks That You Must Know

May 8, 2019


Walk-in Wardrobe Hacks That You Must Know

A Walk-in Wardrobe is a closet that is large enough for one to walk into and around it. A walk-in wardrobe will never fail to give your home a luxury feel and is created for organization of your outfits from head to toe. It is also great for privacy and helps to maximize space in your room. However, careful planning needs to be done to prevent your walk-in wardrobe from becoming an overstuffed closet with different pieces of clothings being chucked in every corner.

  1. Plan your Lighting and Carpentry

Most walk-in wardrobes are dark due to the partitions used therefore it is essential to spend a bit more on lighting. Go for white lights to allow yourself to view the colors of your clothing better. Walk-in wardrobes also require carpentry works. Be sure to know how you would want to organize your wardrobe and get your carpenter to design something that suit your requirement. Eg. Height of drawers, mirror position, depth of wardrobe etc.

2. Add a Bench or Stool in your walk-in wardrobe

If your home allows for this, we recommend that you insert a bench or portable stool in your walk-in wardrobe. You can then spend more time trying on your jeans and shoes without moving in and out of the wardrobe. Don’t forget to put your outfit back onto the same position after trying on. Always keep your walk-in wardrobe neat and organized.

3. Sliding doors and pigeon holes to maximize space

 The reason for having a walk-in wardrobe is to save space compared to having an actual cupboard. Opt for sliding doors and pigeonholes to maximize space. Another tip to make your room look more spacious with a walk-in wardrobe is to go for a see-through wardrobe. See-through designs allow light to pass through and create an illusion of space. Please ensure that your outfits are neat and tidy as everything in the see-through wardrobe can be seen.

4. Install a full-length mirror

A walk-in wardrobe is not complete without a full-length mirror. A walk-in wardrobe gives the impression of luxury and a full-length mirror is required for you to step back for a good view of your full outfit.

5. Know your habits and plan the design of your walk-in wardrobe

We can’t emphasize any more about the importance of planning when it comes to buying your walk-in wardrobe. The exact location and size has to be thought through before anything else. A good way to create privacy is to use the walk-in wardrobe as a partition. Other good places to plant your wardrobe is at the corner of your room or in front of the bed.

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