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Tips for a Monochrome home design

May 21, 2019


Tips for a Monochrome home design

Black and white will always be a classic. One will never go wrong with chic black and white tones to create a modern and sophisticated space! Add in a pinch of grey and you will have a home that is stylish and minimalist.

Monochrome home design is one of the easiest style to achieve if you are going for a clean and neat outlook. In this article, we will share with you some tips to give colours to your monochrome home design.

Opt for neutral-coloured furniture

Foregoing colours with a monochrome home design doesn’t have to mean a dull interior. Neutral-coloured (such as brown, grey, etc) furniture helps to layer your room against the black or white background. Gold, brass or marbled furniture contrast perfectly with the monochrome background and give your home a high-end outlook. Timber furniture will also match and give an earthly feel to your home.

Bring in the Greens

Greenery is a Must to breathe life into any monochrome design. A simple potted plant on bench top or surface can do wonders in bringing life to your design. Green, black and white is the perfect colour combination.

Details, details, details

Complete your monochrome look with finer details for example homewares and accessories. Include an earthly bench or vase in the living room or opt for anything metallic, rattan or terracotta to break up all of that black and white. Or simply, put up a black and white art piece on a white wall.

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