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Things to prepare before meeting an Interior Designer 2

July 16, 2019


Things to prepare before meeting an Interior Designer 2

Designing and building your new home is an exciting yet daunting experience. That is why some couples engaged interior designers to tap on their professional skills and advises. A typical first meeting with an interior designer takes up at least an hour for the designer to digest your requirements as well as to understand the layout and restrictions of your home.

Renovade aims to smoothen this journey by collecting initial requirements from you and pass it on to our partnered interior design companies before your first meet up; saving you precious time.

We are continuing from Things to prepare before meeting an Interior Designer 1 . So make sure you check out that article too before reading this.

In this article, we give you tips on what information to provide to your interior designers to save even more time. Read on!

1. Who and how many occupants will be living with you

This is one of the most important information to provide as it gives designers an idea of how much living space there should be for your home. More occupants naturally means more furniture. Also let your designer knows if there are any children or elderly as safety and accessibility needs to be taken into consideration. Nowadays, families with elderly usually install handles in toilet or a toilet ramp for accessibility.

2. Feng Shui believes

Though not applicable to everyone, kindly notify your designer if you have any specific feng shui believes. It is not uncommon for home owners to reject a proposed drawing because it contradicted with their feng shui believes. Why not save everyone’s time by informing early.

3. How long do you intend to stay?

More and more couples are purchasing HDB as an investment and look to rent or sell their home after 5 years. It is best to communicate these plans with your designers and allow them to propose a design that will suit your demands. On the other hand, if you would like to finally settle down in this particular flat, it is advisable to do a complete renovation to prevent any major works in the future.

4. Pets or no pets?

Having pets will have implication on the material used. Pet friendly design and material choice need extra thought.

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