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Renovade’s Questionnaire- The most efficient way to find your interior designer?

July 27, 2019


Renovade’s Questionnaire- The most efficient way to find your interior designer?

Established in 2018, Renovade is here to save time for home owners. New home owners take an average of an hour for their first meeting with a new interior designer to clearly communicate their requirement. Multiply this with another 2-3 interior design firms that any new home owner would want to visit for more options, time is being wasted giving the same instructions over and over again. Furthermore, it is intimidating to walk into one of the many interior design offices in Singapore to request for a quote.

Introducing you to our solution! Renovade has specially curated a questionnaire to efficiently collect your requirements and send them to our partnered interior design firms at the click of a button. Our group of partnered interior design firms will then contact you to arrange for an appointment with your basic requirements at the back of his head. This saves time for everyone and gives you an enjoyable renovation journey.

Here are the simple steps to take to request for a free quotation.

Step 1 : Visit and click on “Get Quote” 

Step 2: Fill in your particulars so that we can contact you. 

Step 3: Follow the questionnaire and give us some details of your home 

Step 4: Continue with the questionnaire and tick on the type of works needed. 

Step 5: Do not forget to upload your floor plan and tick the box to receive tips from Renovade! 

Now you are ready to sit back and wait for us and our partnered interior design firms to contact you.  

At, we provide a hassel free experience for you to choose your interior designer from our carefully curated team. Complete our questionnaire and receive free quotations from our list of trusted vendors.  

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