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Pre-renovation procedure

renovation procedures December 3, 2019


Pre-renovation procedure

Searching For Home Pre-Renovation Procedure?

Check Out These Tips!

What is a pre-renovation procedure?

With hundreds of Interior Design (ID) firms in the market, how do you create a shortlist that is manageable for you to meet with, without making it too limited? At Renovade, we help you source for the right IDs to help you get started.

Why is it important to meet the potential IDs at their showroom you might ask:
1) You get to see the workmanship & level of detailing on display
2) It is an opportunity to take a look at, and understand the various types of materials that the designers can show and explain to you on the spot
3) It’s a chance to clarify any queries or technical questions immediately, saving you tonnes of time going back and forth over email.

If you have difficulties starting your renovation process, Renovade is here to help.

Let us help you start your home Renovation today! Get a free quotation and meet our IDs HERE!