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Planning My Home Renovation

Home Renovation Interior Design Process Guides renovation advice December 4, 2019
Planning My Home Renovation


Planning My Home Renovation

When Do I Start Planning My Home Renovation?

– Once you received your floorplan for the resale unit. For BTO unit, between 6 months to 1 year prior to getting your keys.
– Get a sense of the cost of your initial intended renovation works
– Enough time to look around for suitable ID
– Compare quotes and get different ID proposal (after all you will be spending 5 to 6 digit on renovation)

Why should I visit the Interior designer showroom?

– Workmanship and design are about tangibility. Able to have the look and feel of the vibe and design aspect at the showroom.
Depends on the scale of your renovation, there are a lot of materials to choose from. Example, surface top for your bottom kitchen cabinet. In the market, there are more than 5 different types of materials to choose from. Most showrooms have materials samples for home-owner to have a feel of the product.

Direct consultation – Any queries can be revert almost immediately. Able to provide professional advice and address any concerns you have.

Can I ask my interior designer tag along when I’m buying lights and bathroom fitting?

– Yes. Most interior designers have collaboration with certain bathrooms and lights shops. However, most interior designers juggle a few interior jobs at a time and it might be difficult for them to accompany you. So make an arrangement with your interior designer early so that they are able to cater time for you.

How do I choose my interior designer?

– Apart from the budget, compatibility is key to choosing your interior designer. Communication is equally as important to answer your queries throughout your renovation at their earliest convenience.
Rule of four to five. By meeting up to four to five designers, you are able to get a feel of the working styles and personalities which are important taking into consideration that you will be working with your designer for an extended period of time.