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Planning For A Home- Part 2 The Living Room

September 12, 2019


Planning For A Home- Part 2 The Living Room

This is the place where most families spend their time, whether it’s a lazy weekend or just to chill after a long weekday, one cannot deny that the living room is a vital space for building bonds.

Many would go above and beyond to make their living rooms interesting through the use of themes and even natural elements.

However, there are many considerations to make when choosing what to do with your living room, let’s go through this process together.

1.     Hacking:

-Hacking of floor and/or wall tiles (if any)

-Hacking of an existing wall, partition or cabinet (if any)

-Dismantling of ceiling works (if any)

Whether you have bought a brand new BTO flat, resale HDB, condo or a landed property, there may be chance you would want to remove an existing item such as those listed above. But remember, the more you hack, the more work needs to be done.

This could easily add up, from anywhere between S$1,000 to S$10,000 depending on the amount of hacking and rebuilding work you do.

2.     Flooring:

-Laying brand new flooring

-Overlaying existing floor tiles: Vinyl, Parquet, Marble etc..

With so many options when it comes to flooring in the market, we are all spoilt for choice. While some options may appeal to you aesthetically more than the others, always take into account the family’s lifestyle and how you would need to maintain it.

Practical questions would include:

·       Children – High maintenance flooring won’t be a good idea

·       Elderly – Slippery flooding might not be an option

·       Ease of maintenance

*Note: Even the most beautiful flooring without proper maintenance, would become unappealing over time.

3.     Carpentry

-TV console, Feature wall, Storage / Display cabinet, Raised platforms, Built in seating etc

Carpentry is one area that home owners and their IDs can really get creative. From themed feature walls to display cabinets with dual functions, carpentry really is a aspect that allows you to get creative.

But don’t forget to watch your budget! Sometimes creative great ideas are the costliest to execute. Always check with your ID on the costs before making any final plans.

4.     Ceiling & Partition Work:

-False ceiling or L-box design, Partition wall

Lastly, we take a look at the ceiling and partition works. While it may not be applicable to every household, it is one of those things that can really change the ambience, layout and functionality of the room.

Before making any final plans, do consider whether the false ceiling or partition walls are necessary. Having a false ceiling or L-box may be wonderful, but maintaining one could be a whole difference story when cleaning comes around.

Partition walls may help create new spaces, but could also cause the living area to look smaller than it really is.

That’s all for today folks! Keep a lookout for part 3 as we look at the bedrooms.

See you then!

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