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Know Your Tiles (Type of Tiles)

January 15, 2020
Types of Tiles


Know Your Tiles (Type of Tiles)

There are 2 main categories of tiles, namely Ceramic and Porcelain.

Ceramic: more for interior walls and floors with an area of light foot traffic. 
Porcelain: more durable and more suitable for indoor and outdoor. The widely heard of “Homogeneous tiles” falls under the category of a porcelain tile (full body porcelain tile). 

So let’s take a dive in and see how the various tiles defined? 
Ceramic tiles – The surface is glazed to certain a pattern or designs on top of the aceramic body. Not recommended for floors as scratches and cracks tend to be clearly visible. It has more designs compared to homogeneous tiles and is more porous. 
Homogeneous Tiles – Colour runs throughout the tiles as it is full-body porcelain tile, this makes cracks on its surface less obvious, making it a durable material suitable for walls and floors. An affordable tile that requires low maintenance, it is non-porous and water-resistant, with a wide range of surface designs to choose from. 

Coloured full-body homogeneous porcelain tiles – Similar to homogeneous tiles, it is able to have a looking natural effect such as timber or marble. 
Half body homogeneous porcelain tiles – The top half of the tiles consist of a composition of materials and the bottom half is made of normal porcelain. Colour of the bottom half of the tiles may differ from the top half. 
Glazed porcelain tiles – The surface is glazed to certain a pattern or design on top of a porcelain body. Any chipping will expose the colour of the porcelain body