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Know your tiles (Natural Stone)

Kitchen & Bath Tile tile Tiled Floors Tiled Walls Tiles February 9, 2020
natural stone tiles


Know your tiles (Natural Stone)

Natural stone are sturdy and durable. It’s not as slippery compared to ceramic tiles. They won’t attract dust and particles so it’s easy to clean, each piece of natural stone is unique, there’s no same piece in the world. It also helps to increase your home’s value.

High cost
Some natural stone are brittle and can be easily scratched or chipped, others are porous and have to be treated quite regularly to prevent water damaging or stain.

Type of natural stones:
Granite – different variety of colours and texture, tends to be ,ore durable than other natural stone. Is commonly used for kitchen top but also can use for flooring, it is water and moisture resistant. Presents itself as a hypoallergenic flooring option. But do note that polished granite is slippery when wet.

Marble – different variety of colours and texture. Slightly more porous than granite and more susceptible to stain and scratches. It will require sealing, and polished marble is slippery when wet

Travertine – Available in Matt finish and rusty feel (Non-slippery texture)
Doesn’t have cooling effect or feel compare to marble or granite.
Very reactive to acidic substances and will require sealing

Additional Quartz – Non-porous and is relatively Low maintenance. Doesn’t absorb water or bacteria, is strong and durable.
Resists stain better than natural stone, and comes in a wide variety of patterns and colours. Can be slippery when wet