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Know Your Tiles (Anti-slip)

February 9, 2020
anti slip tiles


Know Your Tiles (Anti-slip)

Most tiles are given an anti-slip rating that comes in the form of an “R” value. “R” stands for ‘ramp test’ and it ranges from R9 to R13.

R9 (Slip characteristics – Very poor) = Small degree of slip resistance. Most smooth glazed, matt finish tiles are found in this rating. They are mostly used for domestic internal applications. Suitable for dry areas and very easy to maintain due to its smooth surface

R10 (Slip characteristic – Poor) = Most glazed matt tiles are in this rating. It’s anti-slip effect really comes in when it’s wet. Easy to clean while having the anti-slip effect. Good enough for wet areas in the home.

R11 + R12 (Slip characteristic – Better) = Tiles in this rating include both glazed and unglazed tiles. Surface of the tiles in this rating are usually prickly and rough. Difficult to maintain. Mainly for areas exposed to rain.

R13 (Slip characteristic – Best) = Tiles in this rating include both glazed and unglazed tiles. The tiles in this rating are typically used for wet areas.

Polished tiles – No Rating for polished tiles

R9 Tiles – Living Room/ Dining Room/ Bedroom
R10 Tiles – Kitchen (wet) /Bathroom
R11 Tiles – Outdoor area
Polished tiles – Indoor area (dry)