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Know Your Flooring (Wood Flooring)

January 17, 2020
wooden flooring


Know Your Flooring (Wood Flooring)

An Alternative to tiles will be wood flooring.

Wood flooring has a diverse selection of colours and grain patterns. Healthier indoor air as it doesn’t absorb particles like dust and pollutants. Wood flooring is the easiest floor to clean which doesn’t need much chemical. Wood flooring usually increases the resale value of a home.

Things to note:
Try not to drag furniture or heavy objects as it might cause scratches to the wooden floor. You can apply a protective coating or wax filler for light or minor scratches. However, for deeper scratches do seek professional help.

Wood and water don’t go well together. Water damage to your wooden floor will cause cupping of planks and create a hump in the floor. As well as the affected planks turning black or discolour.

Laminate Flooring – It is durable and able to resist scratches, moisture and wear and tear.
It is easier to clean, stain-resistant, but you might have an issue with the pattern the repetition. Some brands produce 5 to 10 different patterned boards, allowing you to overlay on existing tiles. Most laminate installations include underlayment and have a slightly springy feeling. To clean – Vacuum, sweep or clean with a damp mop

Engineered wood flooring – Is made of layered hardwood, 100% real timber it is not prone to shrinking or warping and comes in a variety of colours and wood finishes. Engineered wood flooring consists of a top layer of solid wood called veneer. Veneer thickness ranges from 3-7mm depending on the flooring.

Parquet flooring – Solid wood that has great colour and texture, you can choose from a variety of wood types which include maple, oak, walnut, cherry, pine. It is a durable flooring option and is easy to clean

Vinyl flooring – is cheap, durable and can be overlaid on existing tiles. There is a wide variety of vinyl flooring, they require low maintenance and are water and stain-resistant.