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Kitchen Foundational Plans

November 14, 2019


Kitchen Foundational Plans

Kitchen layout – To achieve optimal convenience and practicality with the constraints of your kitchen, be open about your needs and make time for extended consultations with your appointed ID.

Kitchen appliance positioning – Things might get a little bit tricky when kitchen appliances such as the fridge and oven come into play. Some key considerations to think about are; 1) The size of the fridge, 2) Does the fridge have 1 or 2 doors? 3) Where should the oven to be placed?

Kitchen cabinet configuration – Once the position of the appliances is set, you will know the length of your kitchen cabinets. Then its time to think, 1) How many drawers do I need, 2) What should the positioning of the drawers be? 3) What internal configuration should I have to meet my needs?

To ensure fast and effective meetings with your IDs, go prepared with your ideas in mind and share them with your ID, so that you can optimize the space in your kitchen, OR You could try out Renovade’s questionnaire to give you an idea what to think about

That’s all for today, look out for our next article, as we discuss the finishing details that give the Kitchen its character.