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Kitchen Design

November 20, 2019


Kitchen Design

To obtain the style and feel that you would want in your kitchen, you’ll need to focus on the following elements.

Kitchen cabinet laminate – Probably the most important item to decide in the kitchen, the laminate for your kitchen cabinet. Take time to think about the style you would like to achieve, the colour scheme and whether the colours chosen are practical and easy to maintain.

Here are 5 laminate finishes you can normally use for a kitchen cabinet:

1.       Matt

2.       Gloss

3.       Textured

4.       Solid Colours

5.       Metallic

Countertop surface – Depending on the purpose of your kitchen, whether its just there for you to wash hand only or to go full Gordon Ramsey, your countertop surface will depend on your usage and purpose.

1.       Quartz

2.       Kompacplus

3.       Granite or marble

4.       Solid surface

5.       Tiles

6.       Stainless steel

Electrical socket position – Having a rough idea of where your appliances will be placed will help you decide the location of your electrical socket. This is to avoid wires from dangling and the use of extension sockets. Something as simple as this can make the kitchen design sleeker and a neater place to cook.

Kitchen backsplash – Located between the bottom and top kitchen cabinet, the backsplash adds another dimension to your kitchen all whilst protecting against spills and grease from heavy cooking. 

1.       Mirror or glass (solid color)

2.       Tiles or mosaic

3.       Kompacplus (goes better if you have kompacplus as your surface top)

4.       Stainless steel