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Hinged or Sliding doors for your wardrobe?

April 12, 2019


Hinged or Sliding doors for your wardrobe?

When choosing a bedroom wardrobe, we are always faced with this dilemma – should we get hinged or sliding doors for our wardrobe? This may seem like a small decision compared to major Singapore home renovation decisions such as type of floor tiles, type of sofas etc. However, with space being a premium for the newer HDB flats today, fitting a wardrobe and your KING size bed into the master bedroom may get a little tricky.

Since a wardrobe is a long term purchase, we need to give careful thought about the type of doors that suit our lifestyle, space requirement, usage and convenience. In this article, we compiled the advantages of both the hinged and sliding doors for your wardrobe to help you get inspired with more home renovation ideas.

The hinged door typically consists of a door jointed to a side of the wardrobe with two or more metal hinges. More hinges are generally required to support taller doors that are beyond average height. Alternatively, stronger and sturdier hinges can be used for heavier and bigger doors. To get your clothings from a hinged door wardrobe, you will need to open the door outwards.

As opposed to opening outwards, sliding doors are designed to glide horizontally with one operating panel and one stationary panel. They fit into tighter spaces in comparison to hinged doors since their panels do not open into your standing space. These doors slide from side to side and are generally more aesthetic in any room in the home.

Hinged door advantages:

Easy access to entire wardrobe

As the door opens fully outwards, you can easily get the entire view of the interior of the wardrobe; unlike sliding doors which will conceal part of the wardrobe. 

Additional hanging spaces 

Accessories like bags, scarves, belts and pants can be hung on the back of the hinged door via a hook.

More choices

Since hinged door is the most traditionally and universally used, you can easily find hinged door wardrobes at the store. Sliding door wardrobes may be harder to find and may be slightly more expensive.

Sliding door advantages:

Takes up lesser space

Sliding door will not obstruct movement as the door slides left and right. It is preferred for walk-in wardrobe concepts. 

Extensive length

If your flat has an extensive space for a long wardrobe, sliding door will keep your room looking sleek despite the large furniture. Speak to your interior designer or home renovation contractor to check if your room is suitable for a long wardrobe.

Sliding wardrobes are usually sleek looking due to the classy sliding mechanics. Inserting a glass or mirrored-finished door and the room will look brighter and bigger. 

PRO TIP: Sliding wardrobe works and looks best when there are three doors or more. 

We hope this article has helped you to make a smarter decision when choosing hinged or sliding doors for your wardrobe. Help us by sharing this article with your loved ones.

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