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Expert Guide to Choosing Your Home Water Heater

April 2, 2019


Expert Guide to Choosing Your Home Water Heater

Imagine coming home after a long day of work and you start preparing for a warm bath BUT after stepping into the bathroom, the water heater needs several minutes to heat up zzzz… In Singapore, a good water heater system is an essential item for every home. A warm bath recharges us and prepares us for a good night of sleep. Today, we will share with you an expert guide to choosing your water heater.

Before we jump into the different types of water heater, we need to consider these important factors: Water Pressure, Energy Usage, Aesthetics and Ease of Use.

Water Pressure: The strength of water output. Depending on your preference, you may prefer a heater with stronger water pressure.

Energy Usage: The amount of electricity consumed to heat up water. Higher energy usage means higher your electricity bills.

Aesthetics: The look and size of water heater. Does the water heater fit into your home design?

Ease of Use: How simple it is to get your warm water running. Does it require regular maintenance? How long it takes to get your warm water running?

There are generally 2 types of water heater – Instant and Storage

Storage Water Heater

Photo Credit: Water Heater City

A storage water heater gives us a ready reservoir of hot water to be used. This is done by having a storage tank that holds over 100 litres of constant heated water that can be used readily throughout your home. 

When switched on, water is heated and stored (10 – 20mins depending on model) and reheated if required. The storage water heater is built in a way that allows hot water to be disperse from the top of the tank. Cold water enters from the bottom and rises once it reached optimal temperature. The storage heater is also designed to ensure that the tank is always full. Water is constantly heated and energy usage is high as the heater is working even when you are not using the water – so remember to switch it off after use!

To stay eco-friendly, heat pump and solar storage water heaters are good choices to go for, as they make use of renewable energy sources. A heat pump water heater can save you 75% of electricity usage by taking heat from the surrounding air and transfers it into the tank to heat up water using a compressor.

If you like the feeling of strong water pressure, go for a storage water heater. Water enters the heater at around 10 litres per minute and is pushed out at a similar intensity. The strong pressure is suitable for rain showers. If your storage heater is connected to multiple bathrooms, water pressure may drop when more than one is being used. However, the water pressure is still stronger than an average instant water heater.

Aesthetically, storage water heater are usually big and bulky but can be installed in the ceiling, false ceiling or cabinet.

 Instant Water Heater

Photo Credit: Water Heater City

An instant water heater heats water directly at usage, without the use of a storage tank. There is no more waiting. With a flick of a button, you can have warm water!

When you turn on the tap, water is instantly heated to the desired temperature, as it flows through the unit’s heat exchanger. Even though an instant water heater may cost more in the beginning, it is more cost effective in the long run as energy is only used when the instant water heater is being utilised.

Furthermore, there are 2 options of instant heaters to choose from – Electric and Gas.

Based on an energy study conducted by Dr. Lee Siew Eang, an associate professor at the National University of Singapore’s department of building, gas water heaters are relatively more environmentally-friendly with 63 per cent less carbon emissions as compared to electrical heaters. City Gas is Singapore’s town gas and natural gas utilities provider, and offers a wide range of gas water heaters, including those suitable for Housing Board flats.

Instant water heater usually has a lower water pressure as water needs to be heated to the right temperature before being pumped out. Still, most people do not have any complains about the water pressure as it still gives a good warm bath.

Instant water heater does not use a water storage tank thus is a good space-saving option. Most are quite sleek looking too so find one that suits the style of your bathroom.

Pro-Tip: Replacement of water heater to the similar type will cost your around $80-100 however if you decide to change the water heater system, the cost can more than double as the entire installation needs to be changed.

We hope this article gives you a better understanding on the types of water heater to choose from. The final consideration is that it is best to consider your usual bathing habits – whether you need the warm water immediately or you have time to wait for the warm water to heat up. End of the day, we just want a good warm bath.

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