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Electrical Works

December 4, 2019
electrical works


Electrical Works

Why don’t most renovation contracts include electrical works?

Electrical works are usually charged by per point basis. ID can only give a rough estimate of the electrical cost base on your flat type. The more powerpoint or lighting point you request, the more expensive your electrical works will be.

For the resale unit, it is important to ask the previous home-owner when they last rewired the house you are purchasing. If it’s more than 15 years, it would be wise to consider re-wiring to suit your lifestyle at home and more importantly for safety purposes.

For BTO, shifting the socket outlet and light installation will constitute the majority of the electrical cost.

What complication will I face if I don’t re-wire my house or do any electrical works during my renovation?
1.    The existing power points and lighting points will not be at your desired location. Because the location is based on the needs of the previous owner.
2.    Potential fire hazard as you might encounter blown fuses, cracked wires.
3.    Re-wiring your house after you move in can be a hassle. Like every part of your house would need either powerpoint or lighting point or both. So that would require you to temporary shift your furniture while the electrician does their work.

Check with your ID if they have a re-wiring package that you are eligible for. The type of packages will depend on your flat type.

Electrical Checklist (Selected)
–    13 amp twin or single socket
–    15 amp (Heater or air-con point)
–    Lighting point/ installation
–    Fan point/ installation
–    SCV point/ LAN point
–    Cooker Hood point
–    Gallon/Instant heater
–    Multi-circuit board

Rough costing of re-wiring of the whole house including changing of socket outlets and installing lights and switches.
3 room flat: $1000 to $2000
4 room flat: $1500 to $2500
5 room flat: $2000 to $3000
Remember the more socket outlets and lights point, the more expensive your electrical works will be.

Tip: If you decided to go for the electrical package, do go through item by item that is in the package against the actual item that is going to be done.  Make sure every item that is in the package is accounted for and done.