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Bedroom Decor Ideas

bedroom Bedrooms November 6, 2019


Bedroom Decor Ideas

Give Your Bedrooms Some Spark With These Easy Design Tips

Do you want to make your home’s interior more attractive? Are you unsure where to start? Do you dread the idea of decorating? Well, you no longer need to be anxious. Read the tips shared here to learn just how easy handling interior design can be.

The bedroom is probably either the most or second most used room/s in the entire house. This is the place where even children can customize the space to their own preferences. But whether it’s an adult or a child designing and planning the space, there are still pointers that we’ll need to take note of.

1.     Hacking

  • Floor and/or Wall tiles (if any)
  • Existing wall, Partition or Built-in Cabinet
  • Dismantling Ceiling Works

There are many reasons for hacking in bedrooms. Whether its to change those old tiles, to make safe a place for a new-born or simply knocking down walls to expand the master room.

Be sure to consider the ease in which the rooms can be broken up again if the need arises and whether the flooring changes

The removal of existing items such as flooring, built-in furniture as well as structures such as a wall. The more you hack; the more work needs to be done.

2.     Flooring

  • Laying
  • Overlaying existing floor tiles
  • Vinyl
  • Parquet
  • Tile

With so many options when it comes to flooring in the market, we are all spoilt for choice. While some options may appeal to you aesthetically more than the others, always take into account the family’s lifestyle and how you would need to maintain it.

4 most common carpentry works found in Bedroom:

1. Wardrobe

2. Dressing table

3. Raised platform

4. Bedframe

There you have it, the most common and some of which essential pieces of carpentry you would find in your bedroom, but similarly do consider the finishing of each piece as they will play a very vital role in your daily life.

Planning to add some design to your ceiling? Take a look at possible mood setters in your bedroom with either the False ceiling or L-box design. Both great for adding depth and mood to the room.