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3D Drawing

January 15, 2020
3d drawing


3D Drawing

Should you approach ID for 3D drawing or quotation first?
If you are thinking about this, you’re probably almost getting your keys and are visualizing your new home every day. So it’s natural that homeowners approach ID for 3D drawings before engaging them.

However, it’s important to meet the ID to go through your renovation requirements first. From there, your ID can advise you on your requirements and be prepared that there might be some changes to your initial design.

After discussion, the ID should be able to provide you with a quotation and a simple hand-drawn layout plan on your floorplan. Make sure that the items quoted match the hand-drawn layout on your floorplan.
With that, the ID can then get their drafters to do up the 3D drawing based on your requirements in the quotation.

Do I need to pay for 3D drawings? 
Typically 3D drawings are waived off if you engage the particular ID. However, if you have not engaged an ID and want them to do the 3D drawing, you might need to pay a designing fee.

Will my house look the same as the 3D drawing? 
Well, the 3D drawing helps you to visualize how your home will look like based on your requirements and more importantly your selection of materials such as the laminate colour for your carpentry, paint colour etc.

How many changes can I make to my 3D drawings?
The usual number of changes allowed for 3D drawings is 3.